Olympia- The Washington State Patrol (WSP) is continuing to investigate the homicide that occurred Nov. 2nd on Deschutes Parkway. Detectives have received some information, and will continue to follow-up on all information provided to determine the credibility and significance of that information. Below is a timeline of events as they are known. There are two photos attached, one shows a person with a backpack running east through Marathon Park away from the incident. Detectives would like to speak to this individual. If you know the identity of this person or are that person please contact WSP detectives at 360-704-7899 or you can email information to sistips@wsp.wa.gov. The second photo is the victim standing by the bus stop on Deschutes Parkway prior to the incident.

If you were in the area during the times listed or have any information that may assist detectives in bringing justice for the victim of this crime, please contact WSP Detectives by phone at 360-704-7899 or by email at sistips@wsp.wa.gov.


8:04 PM: There were people observed just north of the caboose on Deschutes Pkwy. 

8:15 PM: An Intercity Transit bus traveling north on Deschutes Pkwy captures the victim standing at the southbound bus stop “Deschutes at Mansion, 200 feet north of the Caboose”. (Still shot of video attached)

8:34 PM: Investigation revealed that 2 gunshots were fired in the area. No 911 calls received.

8:40 PM:  A witness drives by and sees a person lying/rolling in the parking lane near the scene, but does not call 911.

9:15 PM: An Intercity Transit bus traveling north on Deschutes Pkwy captures video of blood on the curb and parking lane near where the victim was found. 

9:20 PM: A person with a backpack is observed on video running east through Marathon Park away from the area where the incident occurred.

9:23 PM: Thurston County 911 receives the first report of the victim lying next to the lake facedown.

9:30 PM: First responders arrive on scene.

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