At a time when buyer demand is high, many homes will be open to the public as part of the Washington Association of Realtors®’ eighth annual Statewide Open House weekend, April 23-24, 2016. Mason County Association of Realtors has planned for all to enjoy this popular community event. Many homes will have snacks and/or beverages.

“With spring in the air, the idea of buying a home is stirring in people right now,” says MCAR President Richard Bell. “Rather than spending hours on the internet and then trying to go see homes one at a time, the weekend is a fun, time-saving opportunity to have ease of viewing numerous homes on one or both days. It is a no-pressure way to see what is out there and what you like.”

With Interest rates still historically low and demand high, Realtors predict that sellers who open their homes will see traffic from serious buyers during the weekend. Local Realtors will be promoting the statewide event widely through newspaper ads, social media outlets, community meetings and their websites to make sure the public is aware of the weekend activities.

     “Our annual Open House Weekend here for the last several years has had a big turnout,” said Bell. “Buyers often spend hours online but nothing replaces the excitement of driving through a neighborhood and experiencing a home’s floor plan. Then, there are those who just enjoy the sheer fun of looking at homes, getting ideas for their own, comparing prices for their own home, and maybe even deciding to buy.”

Most participating homes will be open both Saturday and Sunday. Each open house will be marked by blue balloons with the trademark Realtor “R”.

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