Restricted Area state capitol 011121

Restricted Area: West Capitol Campus buildings and grounds in the area south of 12th Avenue, west of Cherry Lane, north of 15th Avenue, and east of Capitol Lake. 

OLYMPIA - Capitol Campus security measures remain in place through Inauguration Day (Jan. 20) due to evolving intelligence on security threats posed in all 50 state capitols following the violence in our nation’s capitol, as well as recent illegal and dangerous actions associated with non-permitted events on our state’s Capitol Campus.

The Washington National Guard will continue to support the security focused efforts of the Washington State Patrol and the temporary fencing that has been placed around the restricted area of the West Campus described below will remain.

These unfortunately necessary security precautions could last longer, but Enterprise Services Capitol Security and Visitor Services (CSVS) and Washington State Patrol (WSP) are hopeful that we will soon see threat levels come down, bringing a related easing of these restrictions.

For public safety, many roads and trails will continue to be closed. Measures such as road closures and vehicle barricades support people's ability to peacefully assemble and express their freedom of speech in non-restricted areas without the concern of vehicles impacting their activity. These measures also preserve 24/7 emergency vehicle access.

Buildings on the Capitol Campus, including the Legislative Building, have been closed to the public since March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

CSVS personnel and WSP troopers also remain present to help ensure that all sides have the opportunity to legally exercise their free speech rights and peaceably assemble in non-restricted areas.

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