MOSES LAKE - Republican Senator Judy Warnick of Moses Lake believes stiff penalties against the state’s governor could be warranted after he mistakenly gifted maggot-infested apples to communities devastated by wildfires.

Warnick says she knows the governor had good intentions, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that he “illegally” brought in fruit from a quarantined area of the state. Thurston County is an apple-maggot quarantine area, but Douglas County is not.

Chelan and Douglas county officials are now asking for the public’s help in locating the apples that the governor had gifted to prevent the spread of apple maggots to the apple supply chain in eastern Washington.

“The governor illegally brought apples to eastern Washington areas that are quarantined from outside homegrown fruit,” Warnick told iFIBER ONE News. “By doing so, he is endangering our entire export crop of apples which is a crucial part of Washington’s agriculture industry.”

Warnick says Inslee’s gesture of goodwill is considered to be a misdemeanor offense; a penalty would be impose by the Washington Department of Agriculture.

iFIBER ONE News asked Warnick about what the underlying lesson would be if the governor was penalized.

“A good lesson for others who are unaware of the enormity of the problem and who don’t know what the highway warning signs mean.”

Local officials say governor delivered the honey crisp apples infected with maggots to the town of Bridgeport on Sept. 12. 

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