Liberty state flag concept

SPOKANE VALLEY - The concept of dividing Washington into two states appears to be gaining momentum according to Washington state legislator Matt Shea of Spokane Valley.

Shea, a 4-term incumbent who appears to be winning his re-election bid by a measurable margin, is spearheading the idea of annexing eastern Washington into a separate state known as “Liberty”.

In 2018, a professional-looking website advocating for the idea was developed. Proponents of the long-time concept say support behind notion is “has recently been met with a resolve unlike nothing we have seen in modern times.”

liberty map

Proponents of Liberty say the recent passage of Washington’s newest control law is “yet another reason for Liberty to become its own state.” Within the confines of Washington state, support for I-1639 was fierce in areas west of the cascades and was staunchly opposed in territory east of the mountain range. But the question of whether the eastern part of the state could survive without the west’s economy remains. Supporters believe Washington’s eastern region could thrive with an ag-based economy and point to a region rich in electricity. Opponents suggest Liberty’s economy would wilt without the tax revenue generated by business leaders such Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft and Starbucks.

Supporters of America’s 51st state are still debating between Moses Lake, Ephrata, Ellensburg and Spokane Valley as potential capitols for Liberty.

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Patrick Martin

I’m for it, I’ve had enough of the liberal political left that’s driven by King county. I’m retired now and not locked in by a job.

Doug Brashear

I do sure agree!

Thomas Nevers

[sneaky] Why not join Idaho? Might create one powerful State!

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