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OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Transportation officials are considering replacing Washington state’s gas tax to a system that would charge drivers by the mile.

The News Tribune reported Wednesday that the state Transportation Commission is expected to vote in December on tax recommendations to give the state Legislature.

Democratic state Sen. Rebecca Saldana, vice chairwoman of the transportation committee, says the state can’t rely long term on gas tax revenue to fund transportation needs because vehicles have become more fuel-efficient.

She says if lawmakers support a pay-per-mile system, the tax would need to be phased in over 10 to 25 years.

The state Legislature would set the rate people are taxed for the miles they drive as well as how the mileage is reported to the state.

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robert meadors

instead of raising taxes to fund the states transportation dept why don't our senators stop stretching the truth the public are driving more fuel efficient cars and the state is to. so what do they need more money for makes you wonder who you voted for

Harry Balzac

So they want to penalize people who did the environmentally responsible thing by buying fuel efficient cars? Why not just raise the rate of the gas tax? The big gas guzzlers and diesel trucks cause more wear and tear on the roads.

Liz Ellis

Thank you Harry!

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