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SEATTLE (AP) — Washington state policymakers have announced hybrid and electric car owners would have to start paying an annual $75 car-tab fee to finance electric-car charging stations.

The Seattle Times reported that the hybrid fee would fund multiple electric-car incentives and was part of a House bill intended to promote electric vehicles and reduce carbon emissions through funding of pilot projects including transit electrification and hydrogen fueling.

Officials say the increase is labeled as “Hybrid Vehicle Transportation Electrification” on bills from the state Department of Licensing.

Some hybrid vehicle owners say they should not have to pay the fee if their car isn’t a plug-in electric.

Officials say voters could decide on an initiative to cut car-tab taxes and fees to $30, repealing the $150 basic fee, but not the new fee.

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Harry Balzac

So they intend to charge extra for environmentally responsible hybrid owners even though they can't use the recharge stations. How about an increase in the gas tax instead? The oversized SUVs and monster pickups weigh more and therefore cause more wear and tear on the roads. Tax the wasteful.

Dwain Friedlander

Electric and/or Hybrid vehicle purchasers were/are offered a sizeable grant when they bought their vehicles from the dealership. One that non-hybrid carbon fuel vehicle purchasers were not offered. There are more and more charging stations coming on-line frequently. Increase the gas tax to what, pay for your free/low cost charging? There is no scientific evidence to support SUV or pick-ups cause more damage, larger tires = larger footprint to spread out the lbs per s.f. of surface area. The idea is to have those who pay zero road tax, pay their fair share for using the same roads that we all use.

donna rogers

[angry] So we get screwed for trying to save the environment and a little $$$ How about this, Do away with greed?! On no we cant do that, the rich wont get richer!!

Kevin Frankeberger

Or, we all pay our "fair share." The hybrid vehicle is using the same infra-structure of roads, bridges and so on, but paying much less in gasoline tax. Shouldn't some "make up" be in order?

Dwain Friedlander

Hybrids and electric vehicles do save the environment, and you are saving more that a little $$$. When you pass by those fuel pumps, the state doesn't collect that $0.494 ($0.678 if you add in the federal tax) per gallon that is used to build new, and maintain our aging, infrastructure. These are the same roads we all travel on. No greed, and no one is getting rich by collecting something from these vehicle owners.

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