Affected area map

Kitsap Public Health District

BREMERTON - A sewage spill that occurred at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard over the weekend has resulted in the Kitsap Public Health District issuing a no-contact advisory for Sinclair Inlet.

The sewage spill happened between Saturday, March 2, and Sunday, March 3, according to health officials.

The health district says 4,000 gallons of waste water containing raw sewage were spilled. The Navy later stated it was less than 4,000 gallons.

"During a no-contact advisory, the public is advised to avoid contact with the water in the affected area. This means the District recommends against swimming, wading, or types of water recreation or play where water could be swallowed or get in the mouth, nose or eyes. People should also avoid direct skin contact if possible, and immediately wash with soap and water if they have exposure to the water," The Kitsap Public Health District said.

Signs have been posted at locations around Sinclair Inlet and the head of Port Washington Narrows, up to Lions Park.

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