Picture of a pipe used in the attack on Sunday

Photo: Shelton PD

SHELTON - At one point, Shelton Police said a man was fighting for his life after he was assaulted with a metal pipe during a large brawl on the streets of Shelton Sunday evening.

At 6:51p.m., Shelton Police Captain Mike Fiola says an assault between two groups of men broke out in the 1900 block of Adams Street. Fiola says metal pipes were used in the brawl. One Hispanic male was rendered unconscious with severe head trauma after being struck with the foreign object, he was later airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle with life-threatening injuries but is now listed in stable condition. Another victim who was struck by a metal pipe was found with what was believed to be a broken arm and head trauma on K street. Shelton Police say the group of men who assaulted the victims got in to a car and sped off.

Police believe the assault was gang-related. Based on eyewitness accounts, police suspect the attack stemmed from a gang dispute because both parties were wearing red and blue and the victim found on K Street wouldn’t cooperate with police. Fiola says the victims and suspects involved in the melee have a history of involvement in gang-related crimes.

Fiola says Shelton PD has been seeing a swath of assaults involving weapons. Recently, Fiola says there have been attacks involving knifes, bottles and bats. Fiola told iFIBER ONE News that the gangs present in Mason County are the Surenos, Nortenos and MS-13. Police say the fights are isolated to the Guatemalan community in Mason County and the public at-large is not in danger.

“What we do know is that there has been a spike in assaults with weapons,” said Captain Fiola of the Shelton Police Department. “We are not ruling out the possibility that this is gang related, based on the color of clothing and known criminal history of the individuals involved.” Detectives are being told that all of these recent assaults with weapons could be tied together, and retaliatory in nature. “There is no reason to believe the public at large is in danger at this time, but we are not going to sit idly by and allow this type of violence to take root in our community”, said Fiola.  “We will be increasing our patrols in the areas of these disturbances, activity working to arrest those responsible, and working with the affected communities to prevent future crimes.”

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Ashley Dempsey

ICE needs to clean house.

Tom Davis

Once the tagging starts territorial skirmishes follow. First generations are hard-working, industrious and try to live below the radar, but second and third generations are a whole different kettle of fish. Law enforcement needs to be careful how it reacts to this situation or things could go sideways very quickly..

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