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WASHINGTON - Tim Eyman, known for creating initiatives, has relaunched a new 'term limits on taxes' initiative, less than two days after his previous initiative I-1648 failed to get enough signatures.

Initiative I-1082 would require tax increases that are passed by the state legislature expire after one year unless voters approve the increases as referred to ballot measures.

Eyman submitted the initiative this week to the Secretary of State and started the signatures process on Sunday morning.

Initiative 1082 needs 320,000 valid signatures before December 31 at 5 PM, the deadline to submit signatures to the Washington Secretary of State in order to appear on the 2020 ballot. The Secretary of State recommends turning in 325,000 signatures though to allow for invalid signatures.

"We ended up falling short. It was heartbreaking,” Eyman told supporters outside the Secretary of State’s office when his previous initiative fell short of signatures. “It would have been huge. It would have been impactful.”

The tax activist continued to add he will continue to work hard for taxpayers in the State of Washington and added his initiative for $30 car tabs will appear on the November election ballot.

"This legislative session, there were 11 tax increases that were passed that will add up to $27 billion," the tax activist told his followers.

"This initiative is a winner. Let’s give the voters the chance to repudiate all of the Democrats’ tax hikes and tell ’em to go back to the drawing board in 2020," Tim Eyman previously said.

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