Troopers say homes ‘decked out’ in Christmas decor are distracting enough to drivers, so it's crucial that xmas lights on cars be kept on the ‘down low’.

Authorities say some take their xmas pride a little too far while on the road putting themselves and other drivers at-risk. In Washington state, WAC 204-21-230 what drivers can and cannot do with additional lights on vehicles.

Noticeable regulations include disallowing lights that impair the effectiveness of standard lighting equipment like headlights, turn signals and taillights. Other regulations include the ban of moving or mechanical lights, blue lights and flashing lights. Trooper John Bryant says standard xmas tree lights are not allowed on vehicles. 


“The code maintains uniformity to avoid distractions,” Trooper Bryant told iFIBER ONE News. 

Trooper Bryant says officers usually issue a warning for the first violation and a $136 fine for the second. 

On Monday, a trooper in Western Washington pulled over a driver who violated that code and issued a warning. 

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