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SPOKANE VALLEY - The concept of dividing Washington into two states appears to be gaining momentum according to Washington state legislator Matt Shea of Spokane Valley.

Shea, a 4-term incumbent who appears to be winning his re-election bid by a measurable margin, is spearheading the idea of annexing eastern Washington into a separate state known as “Liberty”.

In 2018, a professional-looking website advocating for the idea was developed. Proponents of the long-time concept say support behind notion is “has recently been met with a resolve unlike nothing we have seen in modern times.”


Proponents of Liberty say the recent passage of Washington’s newest control law is “yet another reason for Liberty to become its own state.” Within the confines of Washington state, support for I-1639 was fierce in areas west of the cascades and was staunchly opposed in territory east of the mountain range. But the question of whether the eastern part of the state could survive without the west’s economy remains. Supporters believe Washington’s eastern region could thrive with an ag-based economy and point to a region rich in electricity. Opponents suggest Liberty’s economy would wilt without the tax revenue generated by business leaders such Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft and Starbucks.

Supporters of America’s 51st state are still debating between Moses Lake, Ephrata, Ellensburg and Spokane Valley as potential capitols for Liberty.

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Darrell Barker

Washington State Representative Matt Shea is a Theocrat.

He recently released a video admitting that he distributed an openly violent diatribe about “Biblical Basis for War.”

As the Washington State Representative of the Freedom From Religion Foundation
I condemn the document for its startling "us vs them" theocratic approach to governing.

His Christian justification for war starts with “4 Ways to know its [sic] time to fight,” all of which amount to the unjustified thinking that a God is on one’s side. Sections such as “Organizational Structure for War” leave no doubt that this is meant to be a guide to real and literal, not figurative, war.

The document specifically contemplates overthrowing “tyranny,” but it defines a “tyrant” as “someone who rules without God.” Thus, it suggests a call for violence against any political leader who does not share Shea’s personal warmonger religious views and declares to demanding total submission to biblical law. If this is refused, the instruction is then to “kill all males.” It also lists a “Law of Booty” that requires that plunder be given to the “Church & Ministry,” not to the government. Is THIS what his supporters want too? Shea gets these inhumane ideas from a book written back when the wheelbarrow was considered hightech.

In Shea's subsequent facebook video defending biblical war this past week he misleadingly said that Supreme Court Justice Brewer, in Holy Trinity v. US, that "this is a Christian Nation" and Shea leaves it at that. It's misleading because Brewer was actually recognizing that many Americans were merely saying they are Christian and saying it's a Christian Nation.

Shea, if he were both honest and nuanced, he would've researched deeper and disclose that Brewer further explained himself by writing the following:

"But in what sense can it be called a Christian nation? Not in the sense that Christianity is the established religion or that people are in any matter compelled to support it. On the contrary, the Constitution specifically provides that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Neither is it Christian in the sense that all of its citizens are either in fact or name Christian. On the contrary, all religions have free scope within our borders.
"Numbers of our people profess other religions, and many reject all. Nor is it Christian in the sense that a profession of Christianity is a condition of holding office or otherwise engaging in public service, or essential to recognition either politically or socially. In fact, the government as a legal organization is independent of all religions."

The question now should be what other misleadings is Shea doing in regards to his Liberty State?

Instead of making a video defending his “Biblical Basis for War,” Shea owes it to his constituents to denounce these radical, violent claims and to commit to upholding the American values he swore to defend and to keep state and church separate.

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