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A small group of individuals are spreading lies and misinformation to try to assassinate the character of Commissioner Randy Neatherlin. These tactics seem to be nothing new in politics today.

The Mob does not care about the honest man they are trying to destroy only to place into power the person of their choosing to follow their directions. The Mob does not care about all this man has done for Mason County and all citizens of Mason County. The Mob concocted a false Federal lawsuit for nothing more than to hand it over to the newspapers to attempt to give the commissioner a “black eye” in the press before the primary election. The Mob intends to serve this Federal lawsuit before the General election. They are hoping these tactics work with you. They are hoping you aren’t paying attention to fact, but that you will be influenced by fiction. These tactics are disgusting, dishonest and nothing more than organized libel. What will County, State and Federal Government become when the most qualified and caring men and women decide it is not worth serving anymore?

Rob Drexler

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