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-Tom Davis, Shelton WA

Commissioner Randy Neatherlin has done some good things for his North County District, but when it comes to following due process he’s a one man wrecking ball.

This past year alone Neatherlin’s been at the center of a public records violation, a $30,000 payout to a citizen, a permitting scandal and a multi-million dollar class action lawsuit. Is it any wonder our commissioners have so many closed door meetings to discuss potential litigation?

But Neatherlin functions as a member of a board, and it would be a mistake to think his political peccadillos occur in a vacuum. Commissioner Trask gets a pass because her job is to follow Commissioner Shutty’s lead, but what’s his excuse?

Kevin Shutty’s meteoric rise in Mason County politics serves as testament that even an unknown can get elected to the highest local office on the basis of party affiliation. And if Shutty hit a home run first time at bat, Sharon Trask rounded the bases in his wake.

But Kevin Shutty didn’t start out a rubber stamp for Neatherlin’s schemes, quite the opposite; six months into his first term he voted against draconian budget cuts put forth by Neatherlin and then Commissioner, Terri Drexler; six months after that he refused to sign onto the 2018 budget, his first as commissioner.

There may be a good reason why Kevin Shutty turned from political fire brand to bureaucratic butterfly, but the question voters need to ask now is what another Neatherlin/Shutty term will look like?


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