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I attended the regularly scheduled meeting of the BOCC today to try and stop our commissioners from giving away $30,000 to a private citizen who filed a lawsuit against the county that included the following allegation: “On April 10, 2019 Plaintiff made a request for public records from Defendant for which the Defendant intentionally and in bad faith, denied said records in an effort to conceal from Plaintiff records of significant importance relating to a proposed gravel mine application on Hood Canal.”

During a closed door session County Commissioners decided not to mount a defense, choosing instead, to pay-off settle the claim. No to put too fine a point on it, but our commissioners made a decision to give $30,000 of taxpayer money to a private citizen and didn’t even bother to tell the public until the proposed settlement appeared on the agenda, worded in its entirety as follows:

“Approval of the Settlement Agreement/ Release of All Claims in the Brad Carey

v. Mason County lawsuit filed in Thurston County, Cause # 20- 2- 00081- 34.”

I was able to obtain a copy of the formal complaint, and some of the alleged conduct attributed to one of the commissioners is very worrisome. So much so that before the meeting I asked Commissioner Shutty if he would pull the item from the agenda to allow for an off-the record- discussion, and he agreed to do so. Unfortunately, he did not, and another $30,000 of your hard earned money went out the window without so much as a whisper of accountability.

If you want to know why our county struggles to meet its financial obligations while all around us communities flourish, look no further than this type of fast and loose decision coming from the BOCC.

More importantly, with leadership like this, it’s only a matter of time before someone backs the county into a multi-million dollar lawsuit and sinks any hope of recovery.

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Colleen Morrison

I highly recommend anyone that is interested in these lawsuits to eead the link that Jo Apple has provided. Very eye opening.

Jo Apple

There are three lawsuits moving from tort claim notice to the courts this month totaling $1,500,000.00 because of the discrimination at MCFD 6 and Lake Cushman Fire. These same government officials have used over $500,000.00 in taxpayer funds for settlements, legal costs, and government resources over recent years in Mason County. Additionally, the Central Mason Fire Department is spending public funds to recover the destroyed public records by the CMFC Fire Chief as he covers-up sexual misconduct within the Mason County Fire Service.

More info at

Herb Gerhardt

I too am concerned about the many litigations that our county is involved in. There are two more executive sessions scheduled for this Monday labeled "Potential Litigation", so what is going on in our county government that we need so many law suits?

The most I have ever seen the county commissioners state is that there is Potential Litigation and then like in the Cary suit, the vote on a settlement that was obviously discussed and decided behind closed doors but since they can't take action behind closed doors the vote on a previously determined settlement. It might be legal to do that but as a county taxpayer, don't we have a right to know the particulars? As I understand it, this Cary suit was a violation of a Public Records request, so who was at fault? Which commissioners or employees were involved? What was did that person do to withhold those records? What remedial action is or was taken to correct this situation to make sure it will never happen again?

Lots of questions which we the tax payer should be informed off. Without holding those who violated the rules responsible, we the tax payer will just have to keep paying for these suits. I think our county commissioners need to be more responsible to the people! So what are the two Potential Litigations all about? I for one, want to know, or do I need to file a public records request to get such information. I personally don't agree with the costs involved in public records requests, but I am beginning to see that there seems to be a need. Please commissioners discuss these situations during your public meetings so that we can all see what is going on.

Maria Mann

I'm in total agreement the county is dropping the ball all over this town and the only ones paying are the citizens I have done a lot of work this past year year throughout Mason county im a resident of highland rd and I can't say the $800,000 it cost to put in could have been better used towards c street clean up a toxic waste land seeping dangerouse chemicals into a vital aquifer located near miles sand and gravel my big question is why the is toxic soil and gravel being taken from a known toxic area since c street was never classified to take toxic by products the regulations are different but all kinds of chemicals including military, industrial, and dixon, so many to list continue to pollute and cause environmental damage. Let's not forget goose lake industrial waste wood pulp mill by products, dixon and many more dangerous chemicals pumped directly into the ponds which flow where over to the ravine across the road which leads to right behind the high school where our children go to learn I have been to goose lake three is no signs warning public they are entering a toxic waste land I have pictures of barrels coming up from the black mud on goose lakes shore wake up people look around you trees should not be black roots should not be black our environment is suffering greatly shelton is the cancer capital of Washington also lets include the biosolids disposal site located on the edge of goldsboro creek bio solids is un monitored by the epa bio solids is far from safe it's the opposite its very dangerous should never be applied near lakes streams and yes this can be beneficial to farm land but this so called fertilizer is readily accessible to everyone and any one when this biosolids fertilizer sits in direct sun light the chemical process turns it into straight DIXON the county give it away and this is dispersed right next to a major vital river it's there way of keeping sewers under control and since epa doesn't monitor it well it must be ok I have proof of all this and can back up all that I have said let's not forget to mention our great green diamond who dispose God knows what on there land and let's pray there is never a emergency that requires a evacuation route to higher ground i have been to every emergency evacuation route in Mason county the gates are locked when i called to inquire about this i was informed sorry I don't know what to tell you with out a key you don't get to survive in the event of a major disaster that could mean the matter off thousands of lives that came from the county office so if they want to pay a private citizen here I am I have so much more but money is not what I want I want the community to be informed

Harry Balzac

When you refer to "DIXON" do you mean dioxin? A bit of punctuation would make it clearer what you are trying to say.

Maria Mann

I do apologize for the punctuation and spelling errors but that is not the topic at hand with the topic at hand is much larger than punctuation and I think I got my point across with the problem that is not being addressed so if you have issues with punctuation I'm sorry and I do apologize but you're one of those people it may seem that just want to look the other way and try to divert the attention from something major that needs to be addressed to punctuation so I do apologize for the punctuation and any spelling errors are have a blessed day

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