SEATTLE, Wash - In an effort to boost guest experience through faster lines and more efficient sales processes, CenturyLink Field announced today a transition to cashless operations for sales transactions at the stadium, the CenturyLink Field Event Center and WAMU Theater. All concessions, retail and on-site parking will now only accept credit, debit and prepaid cards.  
Following several other stadiums and event centers that have seen success with a cashless model, transitioning to card-only operations will allow for more efficient sales processes by removing cash handling duties and speeding up transaction times.  
For visitors who don't have debit or credit cards, or prefer to use cash, 10 cash-to-card ReadySTATION® kiosks will be located throughout the stadium and event center. These self-service kiosks are free to use and quickly and easily convert as little as $1 cash onto a prepaid card, which can be used anywhere inside or outside the stadium, including everywhere major cards are accepted.
 "We are continually looking at new technology and innovative ways we can improve our customer experience, and moving to a cashless operations model will reduce the length of time our guests spend standing in line," said David Young, Seahawks Senior Vice President of Business Operations and General Manager, CenturyLink Field. "Depending on the event, credit or debit cards are already being used for approximately 75% of all concessions transactions and 90% for retail purchases, so we are confident this will be a seamless transition for our guests and as a result they will experience a positive improvement in wait times."  
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