UNDATED (AP) - Seattle Mariners catcher Tom Murphy is thinking ahead while also trying to stay in shape. The veteran is thinking about how baseball strategy might need to shift in empty stadiums if playing without fans becomes necessary during the coronavirus pandemic. The crack of the bat and the pop of a glove might resonate with a rich, deep echo that invokes the nostalgia of the game when the Major League Baseball season finally gets underway. But the silence also means the whispers of the past might now be clearly heard.

BALTIMORE (AP) - The lawyer for the wife of Baltimore Ravens safety Earl Thomas says she is being subjected to an "unfounded ongoing investigation" by Texas police after she allegedly pointed a loaded gun at her husband's head upon finding him in bed with another woman. According to a police affidavit, Nina Thomas tracked down her husband at an short-term rental home in Austin on April 13 and found Earl Thomas and his brother in bed with two women. The affidavit says Nina admitted to pointing the pistol at Earl's head "with the intent to scare him" but thought it was unloaded. She was arrested on a felony charge and denies the allegations.

UNDATED (AP) - Jacob Hurtubise decided to attend West Point primarily for its academics, but his baseball prowess has opened an unexpected door. The record-setting center fielder for the Black Knights was the Patriot League's preseason player of the year and was hoping to build on his standout junior season when an injury and the coronavirus wiped out most of his final year at the academy. He was a late-round pick by the Seattle Mariners in last year's draft and a new regulation allowing service academy athletes to turn pro right after graduation has Hurtubise still hoping to take advantage of the opportunity despite the lost season.

UNDATED (AP) - Five Pac-12 schools are expecting to reopen campuses this fall, a key step to the return of college sports. Many more steps still need to be taken before football or any other sport is going to played in 2020 as the world copes with the coronavirus pandemic. Both Arizona schools, the Washington schools and Oregon last week announced plans to hold in-person classes in the fall. That leaves seven others still left mulling whether to follow suit or continue holding online classes.

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