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RENTON- In its second year of existence, the High School Football Seeding Committees were announced significantly earlier in the year than last summer, with the announcement coming this Thursday. In the ongoing process of trying to make the seeding as fair as possible, the WIAA made a big change.

In the interest of narrowing the focus, each class now has its own committee. Last year, there were three committees, one for 1B/2B, one for 1A/2A and one for 3A/4A.

The committees did a fine job in their first year but they did come under some public backlash, especially from the east side. In the 4A playoffs, the highest ranked east side school was Gonzaga Prep at No. 7. The 1A state playoffs, which consisted mostly of east side schools, was rife with upsets, with the No. 5 and No. 10 seeds winding up in the championship game, bringing the committee’s seeding decisions into question.

The seeding committees appear to be more even now between the two sides of the state, with the focus on each class individually. The 1A class picked up east side representative, Jerry King from Freeman. The 2A class added Bryan Bailey from Prosser and Jeff Chandler from Cheney. The 3A class added Paul Kautzman from Mt. Spokane and Anna Harris from Kennewick. The 4A class is almost entirely new, with east side additions of Wenatchee’s Jim Beesen and Chiawana’s Steve Graff, along with the return of Mead’s John Barrington.

Same as last season, the committee does not decide who gets into the state playoffs. Teams will still have to qualify the way they have for years, by winning in their league and district. Once all the teams are decided, the committees will gather and decide how to seed each team that’s qualified.

Below are the committees for each class as provided by the WIAA:

1B Seeding Committee 

Committee Member (Affiliation) 

1. Jim Sandusky (Lummi)

2. Buck Marsh* (Darrington)

3. Phil Bunkowske (Evergreen Lutheran)

4. Brian Macy (Naselle)

5. Brian Bailey* (Entiat)

6. Clark Pauls (Wellpinit)

7. Kyle Kimble* (Pomeroy)

8. Matthew Evans* (Media)

9. Ryland Spencer* (Media)

2B Seeding Committee 

Committee Member (Affiliation)

1. Jon Davidson* (Toutle Lake)

2. Tom Sanchez* (South Bend)

3. Tim Rasmussen (Lake Roosevelt)

4. Jim Holman* (Asotin)

5. Aaron Van Tuyl* (Media)

6. Matthew Evans* (Media)

7. Ryland Spencer* (Media)

1A Seeding Committee

Committee Member (Affiliation)

1. Paul Lagerstadt (South Whidbey)

2. Dan Winter (Montesano)

3. John Lambert (LaCenter)

4. Cody Lamb* (La Salle)

5. Elia Ala'ilima-Daley* (Cascade)

6. Jerry King (Freeman)

7. Bill Marsh* (Former Coach)

8. Ryland Spencer* (Media)

2A Seeding Committee 

Committee Member (Affiliation)

1. Dan Teeter * (Lakewood)

2. Marty Parkhurst (Orting)

3. Jeff Weible* (North Kitsap)

4. Jeff Johnson (W.F. West)

5. Shawn Perkins* (Mark Morris)

6. Bryan Bailey (Prosser)

7. Jeff Chandler (Cheney)

8. Ryland Spencer* (Media)

3A Seeding Committee 

Committee Member (Affiliation)

1. Mark Perry* (Snohomish)

2. Kyle McKenna (Former Coach)

3. Monte Kohler* (O'Dea)

4. Ross Filkins* (Peninsula)

5. Jason Silbaugh (Bonney Lake)

6. Adam Mathieson* (Mountain View)

7. Paul Kautzman (Mt. Spokane)

8. Anna Harris (Kennewick)

9. Ryland Spencer* (Media)

4A Seeding Committee 

Committee Member (Affiliation)

1. Robert Polk (Everett SD)

2. John Applegate (Lake Washington SD)

3. Kelly Susee (Puyallup)

4. Tony Davis (Tahoma)

5. Jon Eagle (Camas)

6. Jim Beesen (Wenatchee)

7. John Barrington* (Mead)

8. Steve Graff (Chiawana)

9. Ryland Spencer* (Media)


*Served on the Seeding Committee in 2018

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