KJ Wright

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SEATTLE- The Seattle Seahawks haven’t been making headlines this offseason but they’ve been hard at work making sure the team is in good shape.

The first and most important move the Seahawks made was placing the franchise tag on Frank Clark. It’s a non-exclusive tag so other teams can negotiate with Clark, but with his $17m price tag this coming season it’s unlikely other teams will make a move. Clark became the primary pass rusher for the Seahawks last season, racking up 14 sacks, forcing four fumbles and pulling down an interception in 2018.

The Seahawks weren’t able to keep everyone, but in most cases the holes have already been filled. The second-option at runningback, Mike Davis, left Seattle and inked a two-year deal with Chicago, where he’ll continue to be part of a committee. The Seahawks had his replacement in house when he walked out the door, Rashaad Penny, who was the Hawks first-round pick in 2018.

Earl Thomas left, as expected, and signed a contract with the Baltimore Ravens. With Thomas gone, the Legion of Boom is officially all gone, although with his broken leg last season, Seattle has gotten used to not seeing him on the field. Slot corner Justin Coleman signed with the Detroit Lions. The Seahawks will miss Coleman in the slot but have plenty of veterans still on the roster.

Final starter to sign with another team has been left guard J.R Sweezy, who left to play for the Arizona Cardinals. The Seahawks responded by signing the Cardinals’ left guard, Mike Iupati. The Seahawks also resigned right guard D.J Fluker to a two-year deal, keeping the interior offensive line in strong shape.

The Seahawks were able to rope back in K.J Wright from the free agent market after a couple of days, who claims he’ll be signing a two-year $15m deal.

The Seahawks also had success signing excellent former players. Seattle reigned back in Mychal Kendricks who was suspended indefinitely last season after pleading guilty to insider trading. Kendricks’ suspension has been lifted and he’s been a productive player when on the field.

The Seahawks were also able to replace their open hole at kicker with pro bowler Jason Myers. Myers lit it up for the Jets last season, making 33 of his 36 field goal attempts and 30 of his 33 extra point attempts. His longest field goal of the year was 56 yards and on an unrelated note, he finished third among kickers in fantasy football. Myers signed a four-year deal with the Seahawks.

The Seahawks have four draft picks this April.

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